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Betti Stradling Park in Coral Springs

The Coral Springs Parks and Recreation Department offers a wide variety of facilities, programs and special events for every recreation and leisure need and an extensive array of sports facilities.

Additional proposed features include security cameras and Wireless Internet services

Security cameras will contribute to public safety.

Please click on this link or on the image below for an example of what the camera sees;

This is an image from a Good Signs wireless security camera.

Click on the image for an example of downloaded video

Locations can be monitored in real time from a security booth, police station or even from a police vehicle and past events can be downloaded and played back

The multi-purpose Good Signs effectively deter crime and vandalism. Please click on this link or on the image above to see how a police officer can keep an eye on what's going on and even download what the security cameras recorded hours earlier

Click here or on the police officer for more information on Good Signs security capabilities

Parents can enjoy the park with their children and even use their laptop computers, connecting to the Internet via the Wi Fi on the Good Sign.

Combining multiple high-tech and timely security services all-in-one attractive illuminated signpost.  

Improving every location in many ways!



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