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Please click on the image above for an overview, and Future in Space below:

Congressman Bill Posey and Frank DiBello, President and CEO of Space Florida

discuss this question and other subjects with Dr. Al Koller and Steve Kane of SpaceTEC.

The USA certainly does have a future in space, not only due its historic role, but with the emerging new commercial space industry.






The Issues:

Thousands of aerospace technicians and engineers were laid off when the Space Shuttle program ended. They now need employment and for their valuable skills to be utilized, not lost.


Thousands of Returning Veterans need employment. They have done so much for our country and we must now do what we can for them.


All of this is part of an essential cause to support that will not only reinforce the USA, but will also be excellent PR for your company.

It is Imperative that as a nation, we make STEM education a top priority




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What if you could be part of a national consortium of colleges, businesses and industry groups working to enhance our nation's capabilities, workforce and education?

Here's how:

Using lessons learned and best practices from America's space program. We credential technicians of all types, fabrication and assembly specialists and equipment operators to confirm not only what they know, but also what they can do. Our goals are to promote and educate the American workforce for tactical employment.

Prepare returning veterans transitioning to the workforce for civilian jobs.

Provide scholarships for technical certificate and performing certifications.

Provide promotional opportunities for publicity surrounding scholarships and our sponsors also benefit from tax write-off opportunities for contributions of all kinds.

We are accepting sponsors at all levels and your organization can join us! 


Your company's participation in the most noble of causes passing on to future generations the skills and competencies to do quality work with the best tools and equipment on the planet. 

This is a win-win opportunity, for your company and the Unites States of America.






Richard C. Peritz

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