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A year after NASA ended the three-decade-long U.S. space shuttle program, thousands of formerly well-paid engineers and other Aerospace workers are still struggling to find jobs to replace the careers that flourished when shuttles blasted off from the Florida "Space Coast."
Some found lower-paying jobs beneath their technical skills that allowed them to stay. Many are still looking for work and are subjected to financial hardship.

The need to help them, retrain, find employment and in general train and certify new students and veterans, is greater than ever.

This is a essential cause to support that will not only reinforce the USA, but will also be excellent PR for your company.



Why Sponsor?

You will be seen as supporting an essential and patriotic cause:

It is Imperative that as a nation, we make STEM education a top priority.

Thousands of aerospace technicians and engineers laid off when the Space Shuttle program ended, need employment and for their valuable skills to be utilized, not lost.


All of this is part of an essential cause to support that will not only reinforce the USA, but will also be excellent PR for your company.



Returning Veterans

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When our veterans return from service, they too often find a nation ill-equipped to handle the thousands of young men and women looking for new jobs. In an economic environment such as the one we are currently enduring, that challenge is even greater.  Our soldiers who have fought for us on foreign battlefields should not have to fight for a job upon returning home.

Unemployment among veterans of the wars that followed 9/11 far outpaces that of the general public, hovering around 12 percent.

And for the young men between ages 18 and 24, the soldiers who form the backbone of our military force, the number is staggering.

Nearly 30 percent of those veterans cannot find a job when they return home. This is heartbreaking, and it is unacceptable.

The nub of the matter is that if we are to bring down unemployment among our veterans, we must bring down unemployment for all Americans.


This is a essential cause to support that will not only reinforce the USA, but will also be excellent PR for your company.



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    What if you could be part of a national consortium of colleges, businesses and industry groups working to enhance our nation's capabilities, workforce and education?


    Here's how:

    Using lessons learned and best practices from America's space program. We credential technicians of all types, fabrication and assembly specialists and equipment operators to confirm not only what they know, but also what they can do our goals are to promote and educate the American workforce for tactical employment.

    Prepare returning veterans transitioning to the workforce for civilian jobs provide scholarships for technical certificate and performing certifications provide promotional opportunities for publicity surrounding scholarships and gets offer tax write-off opportunities for contributions of all kinds.

    We are accepting sponsors at all levels and your organization can join us by contributing tools, supplies, equipment curative and internships cooperative learning opportunities faculty support subject matter experts or funding for any or all of these items we guarantee national exposure and the chance to promote your company's participation in the most noble of causes passing on to future generations the skills and competencies to do quality work with the best tools and equipment on the planet




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