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SpaceTEC® is the National Science Foundation’s National Resource Center for Aerospace Technical Education. 

The Center promotes, educates, and certifies aerospace technicians through a nation-wide consortium of community and technical colleges, universities, business and industry organizations, and government agencies. 


Industry Partners









 Air and Space Education Consortium



Partner Colleges


Allan Hancock Community College

Antelope Valley Community College

Brevard Community College

Calhoun Community College

Community College of the Air Force

Dona Ana Community College

Eastern Shore Community College

Edmonds Community College

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Tennessee Technical College

Thomas Nelson Community College

Tulsa Technology Center




SpaceTEC® – National Science Foundation's Center for Aerospace Technical Education


Located in Cape Canaveral, SpaceTEC® is funded in part by the National Science Foundation’s ATE Program to support aerospace technicians in five principal areas. 

SpaceTEC is Internationally Accredited


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  1. SpaceTEC® provides the only FAA-recognized national performance-based certifications available for aerospace technicians in the United States today.

  2. SpaceTEC® and its partner colleges offer aerospace curricula for two-year degree programs, workshops, seminars, and prep courses for aerospace certifications.

  3. SpaceTEC® develops Knowledge and Skills Inventories (KSIs) that provide an objective  survey of knowledge and skills to screen candidates for hiring or promotion.

  4. Using its Advanced Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC), SpaceTEC® validates and publishes Workplace Practices and Performance Standards.

  5. For the non-aerospace technical workforce, SpaceTEC® supports and endorses performance-based certifications and customized KSIs by CertTEC®



To learn more about SpaceTEC® activities, email us at: Information@SpaceTEC.org
or telephone us at:  321-730-1020


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