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RCP Productions, Inc. offers production solutions that will fit your needs. We are creative, dedicated and conscientious. Our dynamic and competent development team offers a strong foundation in efficient project productions, prudent financial management, sales and marketing.

Our public affairs television shows  are broadcast every week since 1979, now on ABC TV-25 in Palm Beach every Sunday at 12 noon  and other networks nationwide, on Comcast, DirecTV, Time Warner, Brighthouse and other networks.

We firmly believe that the mix of skills and talents represented by our team will ensure every opportunity for success for our customers. Please click on the buttons above for more information, or contact us

We broadcast an impartial variety of subjects and views, presenting special reports and in-depth interviews with leaders in politics, business, technology, medicine, education, culture, entertainment and other topics, generally focusing on positives and achievements.

We feature friends of all faiths, sharing a vision of peace, inspiring solutions and progress. Some of our shows focus on politics and throughout our many years of programming, we impartially feature politicians from left and right, Republicans and Democrats, to offer a broad spectrum of ideas and viewpoints, as we do in all subject areas.


             Sample video:          STEM Education - Industry Collage


Please click on the world above, or this link to see a sample of our creative work!

This brief sample video above effectively illustrates the inter-dependency of everyone in the workforce and pride and an appreciation of all facets of our society. From the essential role of teachers and farmers, to scientists in space. Promoting education and technical training that supports industry, manufacturing, trades, military, and educational groups working in all areas that reach beyond land to aerospace focusing on the disciplines and core skills common to so many technologies. It is imperative that we make Science Technology Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education a top priority for our youth and also for millions who need employment. This is a stunning display of the variety and depth of Americans at work, creating the products and services of our present and future! Education and training in all fields is what enables knowledge and productivity. Competencies.  We take lessons learned and the best practices from all over the world, and implement them in many jobs. Competent people and the right tools produce quality performance. Thatís whatís needed now and for the future.





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